Thursday, November 19, 2009

How do you like your eggs in the morning?

So this is my first post in my blogging history! I am not blogging to show off my literary or spelling skills. I blog like I hopefully it wont be too hard to follow. I plan to use this blog to post the goings-on of my little family (chuckle). Come back often to watch the kids grow! But first, I think I need to begin by explaining my blog name. I really wanted "Sunny Side Up"....but sadly it was taken, as well as every variation of that name. Then I thought...hmmm how about something like "How would you like your eggs today?" Kinda like a waitress would ask while taking your order. But before I settled with that, I wanted to look around a bit online for ideas for just the perfect eggy name. So my blog has been on hold for a couple of months while I searched for something catchy about eggs ( I will explain in a bit why I am so insistent on the whole egg thing in my blog name) In my quest for finding a cool blog "egg" name I ran across the really great Dean Martin song you are listening to as you read this, "How would you like your eggs in the morning?" That's it...that's the name I want! (did I say what a great song it is?) GEEZ.....IT'S ALSO TAKEN!!!!! Am I the last person on earth to get a blog??? All the cool names are gone! But then, while listening to my newly found Dean Martin song (its really a cool song isn't it....oh, I already said that didnt I), I heard the lyrics "Eggs can be almost bliss, as long as I get my kiss"....too long, but "Eggs can be almost bliss"?....hmmmm, still kinda long, but I like it! So there it is! Anyway, I really wanted something about eggs in my blog name because from day to day, my life is like eggs or the different ways eggs can be prepared. As Forest Gump might put it, "Life is like a carton of eggs." Oh, that's too cornball? Sorry! As I was saying, somedays my life is sunny-side-up, sometimes its scrambled, or FRIED, or even over-easy! Eggs can even be like relationships or parenting. One must exercise care when preparing them to get them to turn out just right, they must be handled carefully so they do not break, and one must be cautious in how they are kept so they do not spoil. So metaphorically, eggs are the perfect way to describe least mine! Now,how do you like your eggs in the morning?


  1. I like my best over easy, so I can dip my toast into the yolk. Mmmmmm.