Monday, January 11, 2010

It Looks Like Rockband Weather

We had such a great weekend! The kids got out of school early on Thursday and there was to be no school on Friday because inclement weather was moving in fast. When Casey got home Thursday afternoon he and I headed out to grab some bad weather wear.....or so we had planned. We got to Walmart and had a list of waterproof mittens and rain boots (its really hard to find snow boots in Georgia), and something for the kids to sled on.....ummmm that's just as hard to find here in this part of the south. We thought we were going to leave empty handed, but then it happened. Casey spotted Rockband. Hmmmm...he had always bashed Guitar Hero fans. He couldn't see the point of it. Oh he is a gamer, but more of the first person shooter type or even the fantasy games with really beautiful graphics. Me, I find the multi-button controllers all too complicated. My brain doesn't work that way....I am more of the one-button-and-a-joystick kinda girl....Pac man, Tetris, and all the other original arcade games are more my speed. And I don't really like to admit that since it shows my age! But let me step off the story's path to give you a bit of background info....we had a few friends over a couple of weekends ago. One of them brought their Guitar Hero so their kids could play it with our kids. But as the evening rolled on us adults got roped into playing by the kids insistent begging. We all took turns playing.....even fact he was hooked in the first 5 minutes! Our friends didn't leave til 5am and as sleepy eyed as we were, Guitar Hero was played right up til the last minute! Now back to Thursday afternoon....Casey spotted Rockband....that was it, it was in our cart and he was ready to leave! Of course we had looked for the items for the kids, but couldn't find most of what we were looking we opted for ROCKBAND, naturally! The kids did go outside for about an hour Thursday afternoon, but we spent the rest of the weekend, iced in, sick with colds, freezing cause our pilot light broke (the landlord did have a service guy fix it, but we were without heat all day), but having a blast playing drums, guitar, and singing. Well, Casey was on guitar, Ryan on drums, and London and I sang.....but mostly London sang....I was the band manager I guess! We were laughing our butts off, as a family.....and just having a great time. Who would've thought we could have so much fun being sick and tired and cold??? It definitely was a weekend we will never forget!

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  1. Oh how fun! I love those pictures! So cute! Out here we play old atari games and there's a fancy hotel with pacman in the lounge in which we partake on special occasions. :)